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Have you partnered with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for a simple, efficient and cost-effective cloud lifecycle management?

If not, you are missing out on these benefits that come with a CSP:

Direct, simplified and advanced support with Microsoft SPOC for quicker issue resolution turnaround

Customizable solutions tailored for your cloud requirements with flexible pricing models – get charged only for your usage with no upfront billing

Retain control of your cloud resources what you want to control, and hand off all other IT aspects that are out of your scope or allotted resources (time, management, availability, etc.)

Intelligent Azure support with round the clock monitoring and management to optimize downtime and delivery


On-Demand Service

Our Microsoft certified specialists work with a result-driven, customer-centric approach

End to End Cloud Services

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Leading Cloud Partnerships

Our esteemed partnerships help enable access to premium cloud products and prioritised delivery

Serving Enterprise Customers

Rich expertise in having delivered Cloud solutions to several Fortune 500 enterprises

Cloud data centers will process


of workloads in 2021

Source: Gartner

Cost optimization is the primary reason for


of enterprises’ cloud migration

Source: Opsramp, Skyhighnetworks, Directive


Don’t worry. Your subscription will be billed as per your current usage.

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Don’t worry. We assure you that your business won’t suffer any downtime when you move your cloud subscription to a new partner.

You will receive your bill as per your consumption.

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If you have already purchased hardware and you need backup in case of any disaster, you can avail DR from Azure.

1) Minimize risks 2) Guaranteed Uptime 3) Enhanced security 4) Pay as per your usage.

You can accumulate your Azure credits.