Case Study - Non-Profit Shipping Organization

The Problem

Based on regulatory requirements and the need to ensure critical data was secure, especially for remote workers and team member with laptops, The Client needed to provide drive encryption solution for its more than 10,000 users.

The Solution

An initial Architecture Design Session for BitLocker & MBAM was conducted to identify solution requirements and business needs. A solution design was planned based on the business needs and success criteria devised to ensure the project was a success.

In addition, an initial Proof of Concept was setup to implement BitLocker per the design including management of devices that would receive BitLocker. Devices with TPM and without TPM were implemented and tested with BitLocker to ensure usability.

After the initial testing and POC, a success criteria was established, and the solution was moved into production and gradually rolled out the entire organization to ensure success and limited disruption of user productivity as machines were encrypted.