Migrate Your Apps to Cloud and
Accelerate Your Digital Journey

FyrSoft helps migrate your applications to cloud and modernize them for increased
efficiency, and security & reduced costs

The cloud is where the future of your business lies. FyrSoft helps you accomplish your business objectives by leveraging the power of cloud to bridge your functional silos and deliver a seamless customer experience. An integral part of your digital journey is migrating and modernizing your legacy applications.

Migrating your applications brings in a host of benefits to your business.


With your applications on the Cloud, time to acquire and deploy application components is drastically reduced – meaning quicker turnaround times to your business needs


Cloud environments scale to accommodate the highs and lows of your consumption needs, and you will only be billed for what you use

Optimized Management

The cloud enables your IT administrators to streamline and efficiently manage your resources at an organizational level


The cloud offers the most advanced security and data protection to your applications and environment

Cost Efficiency

No upfront CapEx spending on infrastructure, data centers, and user licenses as the cloud allows access to resources through subscription models

FyrSoft’s Application Migration Approach – To Put Your Applications on the Cloud

FyrSoft’s Application Migration approach is comprehensive enough to be customized for each organization’s unique needs and cloud objectives. We follow a 5-step approach to help migrate your applications to the cloud.

Assess your readiness for cloud

We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing applications, their build, infrastructure, and Operating Systems to understand how best to migrate your applications to the cloud


We take stock of your application dependencies and resources, and launch pilot migrations to prepare your organization to efficiently operate in the cloud


We deploy the successfully migrated and validated applications to allow user consumption and activity, from where our extended support begins

Develop a migration plan

We leverage the findings from our assessment workshops to develop a comprehensive migration plan that fits your business needs appropriately. For instance, which among the public, private, or hybrid cloud options would suit you best?

Migrate and validate applications

We carry out the actual application and database migration before we configure your components to align with the new cloud environment. We conduct rigorous testing and validation on your applications in the Cloud to ensure they are functioning seamlessly in their new cloud environment