FyrSoft – Helps You on Your Cloud Journey
with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Moving your business to cloud is as much a business decision as an operational one. Your Cloud Adoption approach needs to be comprehensive to ensure all your business objectives are fulfilled. As a key contributor to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, we literally helped Microsoft write the book on best practices, tools, and documentation to ensure your cloud journey is successful.

FyrSoft has helped enterprise customers with a wide range of Azure migrations and these experiences contributed to the Cloud Adoption Framework. We understand that a comprehensive migration to the cloud involves data migration, server migration, application migration, on top of a secure foundation. FyrSoft combines our Azure expertise with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework to guide you on your cloud journey, addressing challenges at every step, and delivering a fully validated and functioning cloud environment for your business.

Rapid Windows Server Migration

FyrSoft enables rapid migration of your on-premises Windows servers to the cloud to ensure that you make full use of cloud’s potential for your business. Our 5-step approach ensures that your business leverages Azure’s wide range of capabilities, from scalability to cost-effectiveness

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Data Platform in 30 Days

FyrSoft has robust expertise in helping enterprises modernize their data platforms. Whether it’s starting fresh with a new cloud environment or combining multiple data sources into powerful new insights, we can help you leverage Azure Data Services to modernize and transform your data platform in 30 days and reposition data as the backbone of your digitally-driven business

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Application Migration and Modernization

FyrSoft helps migrate and modernize your applications. We understand your business objectives and can devise a migration strategy for your applications that aligns with those objectives. This includes taking advantage of modernization approaches like containerization and devops to drive more efficient operations going forward

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SAP on Azure

FyrSoft helps you move your SAP Applications to Azure. We help you ensure that your SAP estate makes the most of Azure’s best features. Our ‘Entirely on Cloud’ approach and our Microsoft partnership offer the most secure and quick migration with round-the-clock cloud support you need for these critical business applications

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Remote Work with WVD

FyrSoft has helped many enterprises adapt to the ‘new normal’ of remote work. Our rich, firsthand development experience with Microsoft on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has allowed us to roll out WVD to businesses of many sizes and forms, ultimately helping them enable a secure, seamless ‘remote work’ experience for their employees and extending the life of legacy applications

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Cloud Foundations

You know the way forward for your business is on the cloud. But how to embark on a cloud journey? Cloud Foundations from FyrSoft provides best practices and processes that securely unlock business value on your journey while you ensure governance and compliance are maintained

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