Case Study - International Cloud –enabled Hoster

The Problem

The Client was primarily a hoster and managed services provider specializing in on-premises technologies. The service provider wanted to expand its service offering into Office 365 and the Cloud and needed a practice design and best practices so they could properly onboard and migrate existing and new customers to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solution.

The Solution

FyrSoft designed a program approach based on best practices from Microsoft and industry knowledge to allow a turnkey solution onboarding, migration, and post-support of customers as they are moved to Office 365.

The program first phase was to understand how they are working with customers today and understand current project queue of migrations.  An architecture and process was developed so that every customer was approached the same exact way from a requirements standpoint to ensure each migration could be performed as efficiently as possible.  This process consisted of identifying checklists, tools, requirements for the source environment to ensure compatibility and a seamless migration to Office 365.

The process and architecture was then run through a proof of concepts for several existing clients to optimize the process for scale.  Once the process was hardened and documented it was then operationalized for the Client operations team to execute allowing operators to perform most of the work and engineers to get involved at the critical stages to ensure a success.

The project allowed the Client to execute and scale their Office 365 Migration from on-premises Exchange Servers much more rapidly and at a lower price point per customer.