Case Study - Leading County School District

The Problem

The Client was looking for help to provide Management level reporting on the overall health of their Infrastructure.

The Solution

Client need to transform operational data into business intelligence using both proprietary tools and Microsoft BI solutions.  This solutions was a compromised of both. The most essential phase in building operational dashboards is to identify all the data sources that the dashboard will be consuming.  Once the data sources are identified, understanding what data and tables should be consumed from each source is the next step.  As the data is examined, FyrSoft and the Client work together to understand what questions are needed to be asked and how the data can answer those questions to provide a proactive view on the environment both holistically and provide the ability to drill-down into the specific problem.

Understanding the User perspectives of the data was also a key strategy in developing the Dashboard solutions. Once we were able to identify this, we were able to develop wireframes and whiteboard out all the dashboard templates views and corresponding data that was required to provide the correct level of information at the precise time.  At this stage, the only thing left to do was to build the dashboard in both FyrSoft WebTop solution and Microsoft Power BI to allow different views of similar datasets for the different audiences.

The customer now has a centralized Dashboard framework that allows them to have visibility into the entire environment and can expand the solution on there own as needed using the documentation and design that was prescribed from the onset.