Case Study - Leading Medical Center

The Problem

Client needed portals & Tools to help better manage their IT Infrastructure and provide and improved self-service capability for End-Users and Technicians. The Client technicians were spending valuable time per machine on tasks that could be automated or more easily manage through a portal.

The Solution

An application portal and toolset was developed that allows the End User technicians the capability to provision a new desktop and applications specific to a Users Role & Function within the organization. Prior to the solution being developed, there was an extremely manually set of tasks that were being performed and request process for each Users Machine to ensure if had the proper software and permissions for the User’s role. The process was extremely labor intensive for the Technicians and the supporting help desk.

Fyrsoft developed a custom software portal that met all requirements that the end User technicians were requesting. This was done with an interview process of the technicians as well as a review of the top help desk tickets and requests from individual users. The requirements and business analysis allowed FyrSoft to build a portal that would eliminate most of the mundane tasks that were consuming valuable resource cycles from the overall organization. With over 35,000 user's savings a few minutes per use or more, the solution was invaluable to the ROI of the business while providing a higher level of service to the organization.