Case Study - Leading Natural Gas Energy Leader

The Problem

The Client was undergoing a corporate organizational split by divesting assets into a separate Public Company and needed assistance with there Applications & Data to ensure required Applications and underlying data would be provided for both organizations.

The Solution

FyrSoft and the Client performed an initial inventory of all the Applications and Databases in the environment.  This consisted of using multiple tools and processes to track and understand all the dependencies for the Applications, so they could be properly engineering for usage on both sides.

Once a plan was constructed each Application was addressed case by case to identify the architecture model of the application including the servers, storage, databases and users for each.  Using each Applications model a design and build plan was constructed for each complete with migration plan for usage with each Company.

Each application was built to specification including of the underlying databases to either mirror or replace the existing Applications.  

The applications for the new company were isolated off onto a new network and User tested to ensure they provided all the same functionality as to the old company applications. This pattern was replicated across dozens of applications until all applications and databases were migrated and all users were tested.

The migration was a success and the Companies formerly severed networks allowing each company to operate independently in the same fashion they operated prior to.