Case Study - Major US Metro City

The Problem

Our client was victim of a malicious ransomware attack that encrypted data, applications, servers, and desktops in their environment. The business was nearly shutdown and it affected virtually every department, computer, or person involved within the organizations.

The Solution

FyrSoft deployed a highly season Microsoft Infrastructure, Cloud, and Security team to assist the City in identifying the range of the vulnerability within the environment to put together a process and solution that could quickly remediate the environment to allow the City to get back to operations as quickly as possible.

FyrSoft working with the City and Microsoft helped to devise a plan of attack that would get the City recovered as quickly as possible and quickly went into action.  

Through a very specific and pragmatic effort the teams worked around the clock to safely restore, rebuild, and refresh technology and computers to safely bring each business department for the City online as quickly as possible.  

After 4 months of precipitations work from the malware encrypted environment the client declared the project a success and publicly announced that the Cyber Attack on this City was over deeming the engagement a success!