Case Study - Multinational Energy Company

The Problem

To properly assess and plan a migration of their datacenter resources to the Azure Cloud, client need to ensure during this migration the continuity of existing application and service continuity for business units.

The Solution

The project was divided into three main phases: Discovery, Migration Assessment and Technical Planning, and Documenting the results.

During the Discovery phase, an appliance was setup to capture device and application dependency, as well as producing reports for app dependency.

During the Migration Assessment/Technical Planning phase, environment discovery scripts were run as well as other data sources and data analysis. Application workload migration planning workshops were held where we could also speak to requirements. In addition, technical workshops for planning for Azure Cloud enablement were had, along with Cloud capacity planning validation and forecasting.

Finally, the documentation phase included discovery assessment analysis, business and technical requirements, cloud design approach and recommendations, asset and workload migration approach, migration services and cloud resource cost estimates. An executive summary was also provided