Case Study - Multinational Food Processing Company

The Problem

Customer acquired a large competitor and needed to migrate their users, email, sites, and implement Intune.  Since it was not a whole takeover, there were not trusts between the two companies, so the planning and design needed to be thorough.  The customer was in a race to get it completed very quickly.

The Solution

This engagement was broken into multiple phases starting with an assessment of both environments to gather appropriate information in order to move into the next phase.

Following the assessment the next phase was to design and plan for the O365 migration utilizing PowerShell and third-party tools.  This also include setting up each users' phone with Intune.  We provided white glove services at each physical site for each migration.

Following the email and Intune migrations, the physical location was cutover to the new domain which included Domain Controllers, Servers, AD objects. This migration off AirWatch to Intune was at the time the fastest partner migration Microsoft had witnessed.