Case Study - Multinational Information Technology Corp

The Problem

The Client was looking to automate the Server Provisioning and Management stack for both Windows and Linux Servers. The time spent on manual tasks to manage the estate of Windows & Linux Servers was becoming to costly, and a new automated approach was desired to increase efficiency, security, and allowing to scale to better serve its clients and internal users.

The Solution

FyrSoft and the Client spent ample time understanding their delivery model, current architecture, and business goals to ensure the End User uptime for all services is in the 5 9s Category.

The End User Service Level Agreements would drive the overall architecture and design of the platform to ensure that all components and technology was highly redundant, provided a cookie-cutter technology template that could easily be scaled to address all current and future customers properly.

The project was extremely complex and required careful planning and design to ensure all requirements were address. A comprehensive platform design was provided that became the basis for all End User services monitoring across the organization globally.