Case Study - Non-Profit Academic Medical Center

The Problem

The Client was looking to automate the Server Provisioning and Management stack for both Windows and Linux Servers. The time spent on manual tasks to manage the estate of Windows & Linux Servers was becoming to costly, and a new automated approach was desired to increase efficiency, security, and allowing to scale to better serve its clients and internal users.

The Solution

Fyrsoft and the cleint worked together to build a solution that meets the following requirements of the Private Cloud scope which will run in an existing Active Directory forest and DMZ environment to support the management of 5,000 Windows and 350 Red Hat servers across three datacenters as described below.

  • The solution would support Server Provisioning Automation on Windows Server with setup of up to four (four) physical Windows Server hosts clustered
  • Implementation of Service Management Automation runbooks to provision VMs in VMware or SCVMM; and to provision bare metal Windows Servers with SCVMM.


The solution would also provide management of System Center Infrastructure design, implementation, optimization, and training as follows:

  • Configuration Manager for asset intelligence and desired configuration
  • OperatioConfiguration Manager for asset intelligence and desired configuration
  • ns Manager for Microsoft server and application monitoring
  • Orchestrator for automation of IT workflows, including VM provisioning
  • Service Manager for IT self-service portal and System Center CMDB
  • Manager for Hyper-V VM provisioning and Windows bare metal