Cloud Foundations by FyrSoft

To help enterprises with their Mission-Critical Cloud Configurations – quickly, securely, and efficiently

There are businesses with no presence or experience on Cloud. FyrSoft offers Cloud Foundations to help such businesses move to cloud with what we call Mission-Critical Cloud Configurations (MC3). FyrSoft identifies essential components of a business that need to be configured on cloud to enable a quick, secure, and efficient migration to cloud.

FyrSoft also helps businesses that are already on cloud with best practices such as security, governance, and cost management to ensure that they unlock the full business value cloud environments offer.

Mission-Critical Cloud Configuration (MC3)

FyrSoft has identified mission-critical components for any business to move to cloud. Our MC3 offering helps organizations with configuring these mission-critical components on cloud so that they start leveraging the benefits of cloud quickly and efficiently.

  • Microsoft Azure Commercial (MAC) Tenant
  • Azure Foundations Pattern (AFP) for Microsoft Azure Commercial (MAC)
  • Hybrid Cloud Connectivity (HCC)
  • Resilient Identity Pattern (RIP)


FyrSoft helps enterprises adhere to robust security protocols to ensure that their cloud environments are secure. As part of the security offerings in Cloud Foundations, we offer

  • Identity Management
  • Resilient Identity Pattern (RIP)
  • Cybersecurity & Monitoring (SIEM/SOAR)
  • Backup & Recovery (BUR)
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Best Practices for Businesses on Cloud

For businesses that are already on cloud, FyrSoft’s Cloud Foundations offering helps with best practices and processes for secure, compliant, and cost-optimized cloud management


Our Governance processes, as part of Cloud Foundations, help enterprises manage their cloud resources and ensure they support compliance requirements. FyrSoft helps businesses define and implement

  • Management groups to get a better hold on managing the cloud resources
  • Policies at the org level, user level, user-role level to gain better control & enforce compliance regulations

Cost Management

As businesses adopt cloud, it’s crucial to help them optimize costs to ensure they reap maximum benefits. Our Cloud Foundations helps enterprises manage their costs with

  • In-depth analysis of their cloud spends to be able to project future costs on cloud
  • Educating them on cloud cost management as part of the ‘Organizational Readiness’ workshops during their cloud migration journeys
  • Tools to manage and monitor their cloud expenditures efficiently

With FyrSoft’s Cloud Foundations, your cloud adoption journey discovers a new pace, ease, and efficiency. We ensure that your cloud adoption approach meets your business objectives securely and cost effectively.

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