DPi30 - Your 30-Day Data Platform Modernization Approach on Azure, Powered by FyrSoft

How do you translate your data into meaningful insights? Using Azure Data Services, FyrSoft can help you modernize your data estate in 30 days. Your data represents your business and can be leveraged to help you run it better.

Your Modern Data Platform – Ready in 30 Days

FyrSoft banks on its comprehensive Azure and data expertise to help you build your modern data platform in 30 days by following this 3-step approach:

  • Envision the roleYour Modern Data Platform – Ready in 30 Days of a modern data and analytics platform for your organization
  • Analyze the customer data estate, infrastructure, applications, workloads, and data scenarios to scope the transition requirement
  • Design and deploy the Landing Zone for data platform modernization
  • Design and implement Azure Data Services to host your data
  • Design and build new Business Intelligence insightsDesign and implement Azure Data Services to host your data
  • Validate your modern data platform with real-time customer scenarios
  • Implement ongoing cloud and data governance
  • Review additional scenarios and develop roadmap to an optimized environment based on business goals

Our Data Platform Modernization Architecture

Our Data Platform - Tools & Service

FyrSoft – Your DPi30 Partner

FyrSoft understand the full potential of Azure and Azure Data Services. We have helped enterprises migrate their data estate to Azure and make an innovative leap forward, unlocking new insights and driving business growth

We Learn About Your Data Estate

We work with you to understand your data estate to identify the customer scenarios needed to drive your business forward

Comprehensive Guidance on Your Modernization Journey

As a contributor to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework we have identified best practices and developed frameworks that ensure your data platform modernization delivers the insights you need

We Transition Expertise to You

We put you behind the wheel of your modernized data platform so you can drive it forward with appropriate Data Governance and controls

Your Certified DPi30 Partner

Our recognized partnership with Microsoft ensures your data platform modernization journey is in expert hands

Constant Support

We ensure that your modern data platform effort has prioritized access to our support, backed by Microsoft

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