Rapid Windows Server Migration

FyrSoft helps enterprises quickly migrate their on-prem Windows servers to Azure cloud while ensuring that their server environments are unimpacted. We follow a methodical approach, beginning with a thorough assessment of your existing environment and ending with enabling application testing on cloud.

FyrSoft’s 5-Step Approach to Cloud Migration

Assess your current environment

Set up an Azure environment based on your requirements and Azure best practices

Validate the new environment with application testing

Devise a comprehensive migration strategy, covering all components
Lift & shift your environment to Azure

Leverage Azure’s Offerings with FyrSoft

FyrSoft’s Azure expertise maximizes your use of Azure services so that your business on the cloud is equipped with a comprehensive range of capabilities that ultimately add value to your business.

IaaS, SaaS and PaaS Capabilities

Azure can be leveraged as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS depending on the business requirements, thanks to its flexibility

Agile & Compliant

Azure helps businesses stay agile and compliant in terms of deployments and regulations respectively


Azure comes with multi-tier authentication protocols and other advanced security standards, which makes the security posture of your cloud environment virtually impenetrable


Azure’s Disaster Recovery strategy is robust with mechanisms like continual replication, failover-failback operations, hot-cold standby phases


Azure works on a subscription basis. Its pay-as-you-go model optimizes your cloud spends, as you are asked to pay only for what you consume

AI/ML, Analytics Support

Azure’s pre-built Analytics support helps derive meaningful insights from your data streams, ultimately aiding your decision-making process