Unleash SAP’s Full Potential
on Azure with FyrSoft

With FyrSoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption expertise for ERP applications

We understand that your SAP estate is continuously evolving and expanding. Your business needs the power of the cloud to transform your SAP landscape by making it far more efficient and optimized in terms of infrastructure and DevOps automated. With FyrSoft and our ‘ahead-of-the-curve’ Azure expertise, your SAP on Azure yields maximum business potential.

HANA is the only modern database that SAP is going to support in the coming few years. This is compelling enterprises to migrate their SAP applications to the HANA database to stay current. Azure is the best choice to implement your SAP HANA on as it enables intelligent scaling of hardware in contrast to on-prem servers, as businesses grow.

Benefits of SAP on Azure

As a leader in the Public Cloud space, Microsoft Azure has a lot of offer to your SAP systems:


Azure’s robust Security features covering all leading compliance and trust certifications help protect your SAP estate and its critical applications. Remember, almost 8 of every 10 Fortune 500 enterprises trust Azure for their SAP systems’ security and compliance needs

Cost Efficiency

Azure helps optimize your infrastructure spends by minimizing them up to a seminal 50%, thanks to its scalability and integration capabilities

Superior Computing and Scalable Usage

SAP’s heavy-duty workloads like HANA and S/4 demand superior computing power to be executed without glitches – exactly what Azure offers. Also, Azure’s subscription is of ‘pay-as-you-go’ nature – meaning, you will only pay for what you consume, not a penny more, nor less!

Uninterrupted Uptime

Azure’s vast availability and comprehensive Disaster Recovery features enable a guaranteed, uninterrupted uptime of around 99.99% for your SAP systems

Flexibility & Productivity

Azure's prebuilt features empower your SAP landscape with a high degree of flexibility – allowing you to deploy and leverage environments in hours. Also, Azure's integration capabilities with upcoming technologies like Mobility, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT enable a plug-and-play scenario for your SAP estate, promising a spike in productivity

Why have FyrSoft help you Migrate SAP to Azure?

Putting your SAP on Azure is the next step in your Digital Transformation journey. But whom to trust with that job?

FyrSoft has a proven track record in successfully helping enterprise customers with their SAP S4/HANA migrations to Azure to help leverage Cloud’s benefits such as cost optimization, security, scalability, intelligent data, to name a few.

Know more about one of our SAP S4/HANA implementations.

Also, FyrSoft’s experience in having leveraged Azure cloud for enterprise clients has the answer – we have a team of proven, trusted, and Microsoft Certified Azure for SAP Workloads Specialists to help you move your SAP estate to Azure.

Here is why FyrSoft is your preferred solutioning partner to help you with migrating your SAP Applications to Azure:

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