Case Study - Leading Investment Firm

The Problem

The company was interested in modernizing the Desktop computing environment to the latest Microsoft Technology stack for all employees. With most of our financial customers, productivity and security are paramount to ensuring the business can operate effectively. In addition, the company was embracing more mobility challenges for employees and counterparties to be able to provide access and data exchange securely and needed a solution devised to address the growing mobile workforce.

The Solution

The project was split into multiple phases from Assessment, Design, and Build, to carefully determine the technologies that would suit the business needs best and align with the efficiency and security goals of the new Modern Workplace.

In the Assessment Phase we reviewed all the Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies and matched the technologies with the business requirements. The business requirements were able to drive specific technology requirements so a proper design could be put in place that would enable the right amount of technology to enable the Business for a Modern Workplace.

The design & Planning Phase is focused on the User Experience of the Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies and how to correctly design to allow of the most product and efficient usage of the technologies while ensuring security. This phase is critical to ensure that implementation of the technologies can be done correctly, on-time, and on budget.

The Build Phase consisted of building the technologies to specification of the design. The Phase concludes with a working Windows 10 Solution that includes Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite to provide a model office that can be deployed to the entire company.